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        Luoyang Lutong heavy industry machinery co., LTD which is located in the Airport Industrial Zone Luoyang city, the company was established in 1990, which is covered in three hundred thousand square meters, fixed assets of Five hundred and thirty-six million yuan, workers 1150 people.A variety of processing equipment more than 12000. Have development and production capacity for road roller, motor grader, tractors,Wheel loaders,excavators and other series of machinery Luoyang Lutong heavy industry machinery co., LTD. technical power is stronger., which has a city-level technology r&d center, 36 senior engineers, more than 80 engineers, quality inspection staff of 120. Has acquired nine road roller patent technology. which wins good fame on reliable quality and high-quality service,is appraised as "Star Enterprise","Quality and Credit Enterprise" in province...
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